ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival in August 2021

ACCAC Finland and our main partner (the City of Tampere) have made the responsible decision to postpone the ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival scheduled for this autumn by one year.

The Festival will take place in Tampere, Finland between 25-28 August 2021.

The reason for this decision is the COVID-19 virus and resulting uncertainty about the near future and how our global community will manage the situation. At a time when people’s movements are being restricted for health reasons, we cannot prepare to welcome participants from more than 20 countries and every continent. The health and safety of people is our most important value.

Now our focus is to ensure that ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival’s amazing programme takes place one year later – after the world has recovered from this crisis and the coronavirus is under control.

Here at the ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival we’re going to focus on making every participant and performer feel welcome just the way they are. Customer service that is diverse and respects everyone is important to us. We will also ensure that all of our event staff and volunteers are trained, aware of our values, and committed to implementing them with a friendly and open attitude. We are certain that every participant will feel safe at the discrimination-free ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival.

We’re building an environment in which the diverse colours of cultures can shine bright, good experiences can build new bridges to the future, and art and culture can improve the global atmosphere.

Hope to see you in Tampere, in August 2021!

We wish you the best of health!