ACCESS Tampere Next Generation Culture Festival

ACCESS Tampere Next Generation Culture Festival is an international event that will take place in Tampere from 20-22 April 2023. The festival’s program and themes have been designed in close collaboration with a team of young adults. The program includes concerts, both classical and pop, dance performances, dance and music workshops, a cultural expo, an art exhibition and interesting project presentations by professionals from Finland and abroad. ACCESS Tampere is a forum to network, share visions and develop new possibilities.

Performers from around 15 countries will provide experiences and atmosphere, including International Sound Awards winner Dj Arthro from Sweden, top talented teenage pianist Alessia Bonnici from Malta and electronic music virtuoso Reza Enem from Indonesia. From Finland, ACCESS Tampere will introduce Signmark, a sign language rapper who was seen in the Dancing with the Stars TV program 2022.

ACCESS Tampere has taken accessibility seriously and has developed safe event principles in cooperation with young people.

The festival is organized by Tampere-based ACCAC Finland / Accessible Arts and Culture Association and is the tenth ACCAC Festival, which has been held in Finland, Nepal, Egypt, and Korea since 2013. The event promotes equality, social inclusion, and radical inclusion through art and culture. Since 2011, the ACCAC network of members has grown into a global community with activities in 14 countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

ACCESS Tampere Festival Collaborators