ACCESS Tampere Festival Programme


mon03aprAll Daysun23Seeing is overrated Artists Collective Exhibition


thu20apr10:00thu11:00Everybody can dance! yes, that includes YOU!Highlights from an inclusive arts project aimed at creating contact

thu20apr11:00thu12:30Seeing Is Overrated Workshop

thu20apr11:00thu14:00"This Stage is Ours"

thu20apr13:00thu14:00Future 2092 Workshop


fri21apr09:00fri15:00ACCESS Tampere Cultural Promotion DaySamata School _ TACCU _ The Malta Trust Foundaton _ Aizhan Sultan_Tampere Intercultural Art (TIcA)

fri21apr09:30fri17:00ACCESS Tampere WorkshopsSimo Nieminen, Rhaps And Rhymes For Diversity_ Helmi Valkee, Poets Of Today _ Voices Of Tomorrow_Our Dragon Workshop _ Eeva Virkorinne, Consent Workshops

fri21apr17:00fri18:30MANDIS BHITA ( Because Human Is The Answer ) (FR) & (GR)

fri21apr18:00fri20:00VIMMART SOUNDS! Band Concert

fri21apr19:00fri23:59ACCESS Tampere Festival Night 21.4Niklas Sillanpää & Kasperi Kuoksa, Finland + Grandefinale, Finland


sat22apr10:00sat16:00ACCESS Tampere WorkshopsFrom Idea to a Performance Workshop_ Frontier Dance Workshop

sat22apr11:00sat11:30Tchina Ndjidda CROSS

sat22apr11:00sat18:00ACCESS ExpoACCESS Expo shares information and resources for our youth audience

sat22apr12:00sat12:30Contact - Dance Performance

sat22apr14:00sat18:00Alessia Piano (ML), Miracle Ensemble (KO)

sat22apr19:00sat23:59ACCESS Tampere Festival Night 22.4Signmark, Finland + Dj_Arthro, Sweden