The ACCESS Tampere Next Generation Culture Festival is an international event that uses culture and art to promote diversity and welcomes all participants, performers and speakers. 

ACCESS Tampere is a discrimination-free event that takes special cultural features into consideration and respects the starting points and participation of everyone.

The event will appoint a person responsible for equality and diversity, who will monitor and communicate about preparation and implementation of the event preparations and participate regularly in meetings of the event’s working group.

Physical accessibility

  • An accessibility survey will be performed for the event sites, and site-specific information about accessibility will be published on the event website in conjunction with the programme.
  • Accessibility related to moving around, arriving and washroom facilities has been clearly taken into account at the event locations – for both participants and performers.
  • Trained volunteers will be present at the event and ready to provide assistance. 

Linguistic accessibility

  • Festival communications will be as clear and simple as possible.
  • More detailed information about interpretation options will be provided in the programme for each type of content and event.
  • The main language of the seminar is English. Some events will have translations from other languages into English.
  • The website will provide service in Plain Finnish and Plain English. 
  • Braille and large-print versions of the printed programme will also be available.
  • Newsletters will be published in Finnish and English.
  • Cooperation with disability organisations will ensure that the information also reaches target groups.
  • The implementation of accessibility will be handled in cooperation with local disability organisations.

Price accessibility

  • Most of the daytime events are free of charge. A fee will be charged for evening events held at the G Livelab.
  • Assistants to people with physical disabilities and interpreters can attend all events at no charge.  
  • The daily programme includes information about fees and accessibility as well as physical accessibility.

Information accessibility

Communications about the event content and conditions will be provided in an open manner, also using the channels of partners in the disability sector. We will try to provide a detailed description of the conditions in advance so participants can make decisions about whether they can participate comfortably.

Staff training

The whole event staff is informed about the event’s values on diversity and accessibility, and they know how to act properly.