ACCESS Tampere Festival Safer Event Principles

With the Safer Space Principles, we as a community aim to create practices that make everyone involved in an event or activity feel safe. Safety here refers to physical and mental safety. When a safer space becomes a reality, everyone can participate without fear or concern of being offended, bullied, belittled, or hurt in any way. The ACCESS Tampere Festival’s safer event principles have been developed together with young people.

A safe event environment is not just the responsibility of one person, but everyone who attends the event contributes, knowingly or unknowingly, to safety or insecurity. Respect for others is the cornerstone of everything.

ACCESS Tampere Festival has zero tolerance for all forms of harassment, bullying, discrimination, and racism. If someone asks you to stop harassing behavior, it must stop.

We want everyone to be able to participate in the event as themselves and feel safe. 

  • If you see or experience inappropriate behavior, you have the right to intervene.  You can also direct or contact the ACCESS Tampere Festival safer event principles person via WhatsApp or by calling 0415739148.
  • If you receive criticism about your own behavior, please respond constructively. 
  • Remember our shared responsibility to make our environment safe for everyone. 
  • Be aware of and respect the different boundaries of others. Everyone’s identity is their own to define and no one’s gender, sexual or political orientation or nationality can be judged by their appearance. 
  • Respect others and strive to be sensitive to the diversity of the community and the differences between people. 
  • Avoid making assumptions about others, as you cannot know their experiences, thoughts, life situations, or self-defined identities. Do not act on assumptions.
  • Give others space and make sure that everyone is heard and included. Accept that not everyone wants to have the same voice or presence and that there are many ways to participate. 
  • Pay attention to the people around you. Care about what they say, how they feel, and how your words and actions affect them. 
  • Respect the physical and mental integrity of others. No means no; don’t disturb someone verbally, by touching or staring. 
  • Contribute to a positive atmosphere through your actions.

Let’s be fair to others and not jump to conclusions!