• The main entrance to the house has long stairs. The accessible entrance is located at the north end of the building, facing the Laikunlava. The barrier-free entrance is kept locked for security reasons. Access is gained by ringing the camera buzzer at the door. A security guard will open the door by pressing a button.
  • The entrance to the Children's Cultural Centre Roll is located at the theatre end of the building. The entrance to the Rulla is barrier-free. Large trolley park in the entrance hall.
  • Laikku's Tampere Theatre p There are two car parking spaces at the side end of the theatre. There are no other parking spaces.
  • The Culture House toilets are located on the 1st floor of the building. One of the toilets is accessible. The children's cultural centre Rulla has its own toilets.
  • The facilities at the Laikku are accessible except for small thresholds and partition doors.
  • There is a lift to all floors.
  • An induction loop has been installed in the 2nd floor info area.
  • Guide dogs are welcome in Laiku.
  • The signage in the building is also in Braille.
  • There are always two staff members on the 2nd floor of Laikku's information desk who are happy to help. The children's cultural centre Rulla has its own staff.
  • The lobby is accessible.
  • If necessary, a separate ramp will be installed on the stage in the music hall. Please inform the staff before the event.

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