Aizhan Sultan

Aizhan Sultan is a singer by trade, songwriter, and educator originally from Kazakhstan. Based in Helsinki for the past few years. Her experiences involve performing on the musical theatre stage, opera and her own written music, where she expresses musical roots in traditional folk Kazakh music with classical and experimental music. Aizhan is an artist who fights a lot against discrimination and inequality in her home country and in general: “Being a disabled person, it was difficult to receive acceptance by society. If you belong to a minority, your way of being heard and seen is very tough. No matter which minority it is. We ALL fight for our rights”. 

Aizhan Sultan graduated with a master’s degree from Lithuanian Music Academy (VMU, Kaunas). Laureate of International competitions, a semifinalist on X-Factor of Ukraine and The Voice of Ukraine. She wrote and produced music for artists from Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

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