Alessia Bonnici, Malta

Alessia is passionate about music and the arts, a medium that has offered her an alternative, yet powerful way of expression that allows her to experience a way of being in the world that yields countless joys and satisfactions. Music has provided Alessia with a sense of freedom. It has increased her confidence to interact with others and provided added meaning to her life. Music is not merely a part of Alessia’s world, it has transformed her life in an incredible way.

Alessia is a student at the Malta School of Music, currently reading for her Diploma in Piano. She is also following a hybrid A Level course with Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. Furthermore, Alessia attends  Villabianca – Centre for Music & the Arts, a project by The Malta Trust foundation. At Villabianca, Alessia is provided with additional theoretical support. During her first 8 years at Malta School of Music, Alessia studied with pianist and music therapist Rosetta Debattista, who is now the creative consultant of Villabianca. In 2021, she started being taught repertoire by another celebrated pianist, Gabi Sultana, who is now exposing Alessia to an array of new exciting genres which suit her musical character.  Alessia has performed on several occasions in prestigious venues in Malta, as well as Italy and the UK. She is excited to share her music this April at Access Tampere.

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