Armas _ Angel Dell

Clown Armas is a warm and adorable character who can be seen visiting various social and healthcare units.  He sings accompanied by the ukulele and is a real master of improvisational singing. He also teaches the basics of the ukulele. In addition to minor and senior work, he has worked as a pioneer in Tampere University Hospital in the adult wards.

Angel Dell is a cosmopolitan, and she comes from the Cosmos – shining like a star. This operatic drama queen has tried two times to get in the Eurovision Song Contest – with very little success. Winning Eurovision would be a balm for her salty wounds.

Behind these two characters is a Finnish singer-actor Jouko Enkelnotko, whose professional career has lasted 27 exhausting years. He is, e.g. performed as a soloist in musicals: Les Misérables, My Fair Lady and Calypso. His role as Herbert in Central Europe’s most popular musical Tanz der vampire, is still fondly remembered in Finland. Enkelnotko owns two voices: high baritone and countertenor. He was a member of the vocal group Virtuoso (EMI) and has one platinum record hanging on his wall. As a clown, he started his work in the social and healthcare field twenty years ago. He has written plays and produced music and theatre. He was chosen The Freelance of the Year 2022 by Actors in Tampere organisation.

Photograph: Liisa Karling
Photograph: Alina Kankainen