Grilli the Band logo and band members

Grilli the Band

Vimmart – Inclusive Art School proudly presents:


”Grilli the band” is a Tampere-based upscale band from Inclusive Art School Vimmart.

The band members have been studying basic education in music together and privately for many years. This band is highly motivated and radiates enthusiasm and attitude! These guys will be grilling badly with their music!

“Grilli the band” plays mostly Finnish well-known cover music, but they also have  made some own material. One of their own songs “Ystävyyden Taikaa” (“The Charm of Friendship”) was chosen in “Special Voice 2020”-song contest finals.


Mikael – singer
Matias – keyboards
Sami – quitar
Joel – bass
Matias L – drums

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Grilli the Band logo and pictures of band members
Pictures and collage by Jaakko Bashmakov