Short film

Film Imagine came to life whilst listening to a famous song from John Lennon, which has the same name. This short film has Adel Said in a lead role, and talks about a man who comes to Croatia with a dream to to become an artist, but even on the train station he is facing hate and racism, yet he became art professor. Movie is trying to force people to think about those people, and put themselves in their shoes. It encourages you to imagine a better world.

Director: Adel Said
Actors: Adel Said, Ivor Pondelak, Karolina Graff
Writer: Ivan Mihaljević, Nikola Mihaljević
Cinematography: Ivan Mihaljević
Music: Luka Pekas (mentored by Hans Zimmer)
Production: Nikola Mihaljević, UNIMEDIA
Country: Croatia
Year: 2019
Duration: 3:52
Shot on Panasonic Lumix GH5 in 4k, mastered in HD mp4

Adel Said

Adel Said, Croatian director of Egyptian origin, completed his studies in Italy and qualified as a drama director from the respected National Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome “Silvio D’Amico”. He acquired his Master’s Degree in integration of arts – “New Mimics” – from the same academy. Adel Said is also a researcher focused on performing arts, especially acting skills and the use of body in drama. His special area of interest is mimics – in his opinion, the most important skill for performers today.

Ivan Mihaljević,
photographer and video artist:

“My passion for photography began very early, when I was four. As most photographers I got in touch with a family camera and started. After photographing everything video became even more interestng to me. Art in general was something that excited me, as I played and finished high school for violin. Now I am at School of Menagment in Culture in Zagreb. Many projects are behind me, most recently my own exibition of photographs, stories about people on the margin of society, named “Izvan Okvira“(Outside of the Frame). Many short films too, such as “Growly Bear“ with many awards for a short feature film, “Imagine“, and “Donne“ to name just a few. Photography and video are truly my passion and people all around the world and in our country of Croatia truly recognize my work and ideas for visual storytelling. I hope that movie “Imagine“ can push people to think more about art, immigration and preventing things like racism and hate.”