Serendipity: Ale’s project and Beyond

In 2020, during the midst of lockdowns and lack of human connection, Ale’s Project was born.

When most things in Alessia’s life came to a halt, music played on! It was her determination that inspired in her tutor the idea of Ale’s Project – it was time for Alessia to expand her horizons and meet others in Arts. This presentation will highlight the main elements of a co-created short film featuring Chkolnik’s First Concerto. But the story does not end here. 

The project reawakened the recognition of the value and power of the arts, and still in the darkness of the pandemic one thing led to another, resulting in what is today the first music centre specifically set-up by the Malta Trust Foundation,  to support children and young people with disabilities, giving them access to the power of music. Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean has finally begun its journey… giving voice to many stories that would have remained untold. 

This workshop contribution in Access Tampere is being kindly sponsored by The Arts Council Malta. 

Alessia Bonnici

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