Signmark, Finland

Signmark made an impossible dream come true as the first deaf artist worldwide to record for an international label. In addition to his music, he is a great inspirational speaker, working with the Foreign Office. Marko Vuoriheimo (KM) took a risk and believed in his dream, leaving his teaching post to set up Signmark Productions in 2009. He expanded his business into the interpreting services sector by founding Mireal Oy in 2013 and developing the mobile interpreting service app Chabla Oy in 2016.

Signmark has been touring the world and has so far performed in over 50 countries. Signmark has been the subject of TV documentaries in Germany, Norway, Hungary and other countries. Also, in Finland, he has given hundreds of interviews and has been featured in several reality TV programmes appearing on dozens of TV channels around the world. In addition, Signmark has also been involved in many charity projects for organisations such as Plan, Unicef and most recently, World Vision. Domestically, Signmark tours not only with performing music but also as a highly sought-after and frequent lecturer, and he is one of the top speakers at Speakersforum.

Signmark music:
– Signmark (album, 2006)
– Breaking The Rules (album, 2010)
– Breaking Rules (album, 2014)
– Viva La Parola (EP, 2021)
– TBC (album, TBC)

Other achievements:
– Signmark – book (Nuppu Stenros, Otava), 2008
– Finland Prize (Ministry of Education and Culture), 2008
– Young Success of the Year (Finnish Chambers of Commerce for Young People), 2009.
– Language Teacher of the Year (Association of Finnish Language Teachers), 2009
– The Outstanding Young Person of the World Award, 2009

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