Tampere Youth Council (NUVA)

The Tampere Youth Council (NUVA) is an influential group of young people who make their voices heard in the city’s decision-making and aim to improve their opportunities to participate, influence and overall status. The Youth Council is non-partisan and non-religious. 

The Youth Council is based on the Municipal Act, which requires the municipal government to establish a youth council or an equivalent youth representative group and to ensure the conditions for its operation to ensure young people’s participation and influence. The Tampere Youth Council was established in 1998 when it was renamed the Youth Forum. The name was changed to Youth Council in the spring of 2015. 

The Youth Council makes statements, opinions, statements and initiatives on issues of importance and topical interest to young people in the city. It also meets regularly with the city’s decision-makers and represents young people, for example, in the city council and on committees.

The Youth Council consists of 30 members and 10 alternates. The Youth Council is elected every two years in city-wide youth council elections. The current term of office runs from 2023 to 2024.

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