Tchina Ndjidda

CROSS is a dance performance that tells the story of the life of a young dancer who went on a clandestine adventure to pursue his career in Europe. After many frustrations in his own country and in his family circle, he returns after many years of absence and a lot of failed attempts. Touched by an incomparable shame, he speaks of his journey towards utopia. 

This performance is composed of three parts: the dancer follows a melancholic and tragic plot in search of pride and love, where he encounters imbalances, frustrations, anger, distress, and sadness at the loss of friends of the past. This memory oscillates between wind and sea, nostalgia and rage, and power and powerlessness. This heavy past transforms into a force which gives him an immeasurable hope to face his future and his dream. 

In its quest for integrity, CROSS is a strong solo which questions the public with the authenticity of the two texts written by the author and by his dance of excellence: a dance coming from contemporary hip hop, mixing jerky and fluid energy, where we feel his expertise the tribal legacy of the native continent. 

Combining ritual, therapeutic and traditional dances of North Cameroon (Tchawal and Badag), which consist of guiding the dead by a dance and a trance which celebrates life, hope and the strength of masculinity.

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