This Stage is Ours, Korea


13 artists gathered for one spectacle-<the Soldier’s Tale> by Igor Stravinsky. They practice, play, conduct, act, and dance to create a stage. The only thing that sets this stage apart from other stages is the fact that some of the artists are with visual or hearing impairments, and artists without disabilities.

Director’s Note

Disability cannot be a constraint on artistic activity. However, in real life, musicians with visual-impaired cannot perform an ensemble because they cannot see the conducting, and hearing-impaired dancers have difficulties in the process of creation and practice, which suited to hearing people.

The film <This Stage is Ours> focuses on the artists who make the performance with technological support.

This process is not only for a performance but also making an environment of the barrier-free of the art creation activity.

Jongwon Choi
Domin Hwang

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Jongwon Choi
-CEO of EAnd Studio
-Film Director and Photographer
Roh Dance Project’s Promotion Film and Photo _ <Distortion>, <Raven>
Diplomatic Anniversary Promotion Film _ South Korea-Senegal, Latvia, Philippine
<Sound is Vibration>(2019)
<Buzzbeat Project – Arirang Fantasy>(2020)
<Blizzard’s Diablo 2 Classical Concert>’s Promotion Film(2020)
Photographer of 2016 Inchoen Asian ParaOlympic Game

Domin Hwang
CEO of Dominant Agency and D.Anthology
Producer and Performance Creator
Managing Roh Dance Project, Ahra Ko(choreographer), OUR Percussion, Hwanyong Choi(composer), etc.
Producing Buzzbeat Project(2018~)
Curating Cultural Events of Diplomatic Anniversary _ South Korea-the US, Guatemala, Paraguay, China, Senegal, Ecuador, Latvia, Japan, Philippine, Brazil, Sultan of Oman, Qatar, etc.