Online discussions on inclusion and aesthetics organised by Accessible Arts and Culture (ACCAC) Finland a New European Bauhaus partner. Co-organised with the city of Tampere, Bright Finland and Aalto University.
Online discussions on inclusion and aesthetics organised by Accessible Arts and Culture (ACCAC) Finland a New European Bauhaus partner. Co-organised with the city of Tampere, Bright Finland and Aalto University.

“Online Discussions on Inclusion and Aesthetics” is a live-streamed seminar. New European Bauhaus partner Accessible Arts and Culture (ACCAC) wants to initiate discussions about the future of beautiful inclusive physical and digital realities. Socially and ecologically sustainable solutions demand an ongoing discussion with all stakeholders from the public and private sector as well as the surrounding community.

Our discussions focus on accessibility in the digital and physical environment done beautifully, sustainably and together. We welcome politicians, researchers, decision-makers, architects, designers, urban planners, entrepreneurs and others interested in the discussion.

The event is held in English, is free of charge and open to anyone interested in connecting with a growing community of creative thinkers. Transcripted videos are available after the event.

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Thu 26 August 2021, 14:00-17:00 (EEST)




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City of Tampere, Bright Finland and Aalto University


Michela Magas

Innovator. Chair of Industry Commons Foundation

Michela Magas is an innovation catalyst who bridges the worlds of science and art, design and technology, and academic research and industry, with a track record of over 25 years of innovation. She is innovation advisor to the European Commission and the G7 leaders, creator of the Industry Commons, Chair of the Industry Commons Foundation and Member of President von der Leyen’s High Level Round Table for the New European Bauhaus. She sits on the Advisory Board of CERN IdeaSquare – the CERN space for frontier innovation (ISAB-G).

Sari Stenfors

Futurist. Executive Director of Augmented Leadership

Sari is a futurist and a strategist. In 2020 she was listed as one of 50 Leading Female Futurists by Forbes. She is passionate about emerging technologies and their potential to build positive futures. She is a thought leader, serial entrepreneur, and an academic researcher specialized in tools, models, systems and structures for society. Sari looks at the world from the point of view of a cyborg anthropologist and an economist.

Pertti Ketonen

CEO, Owner, Himmelblau Printmaking Studio and Gallery. Event Director and Founder of Finlayson Art Area

Pertti Ketonen has worked as CEO in Printmaking Studio and Gallery Himmelblau for 30 years. Printmaking Studio is Finland’s leading professional printmaking workroom. Techniques are old and traditional, and the result comes via artisan processes. Gallery Himmelblau exhibits the prints made in studio through the year and also art in its many forms: paintings, sculptures, photographic art, videos and installations. Studio and gallery are situated in a historical cotton mill, Finlayson.

Sanna Lehtinen

Research Fellow at Aalto University

Dr. Sanna Lehtinen is a Research Fellow in the Transdisciplinary Arts Studies unit at School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Her research focuses on urban aesthetics and the philosophy of the city. Dr. Lehtinen is the President of the Finnish Society for Aesthetics, a member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Aesthetics, and a Codirector in the board of the international Philosophy of the City Research Group.

Janna Maula

Social worker at City of Tampere

Janna is a spokesperson for accessibility. Janna wants to share disability information with those who need it or are interested. “Disability is not an obstacle, maybe a slowdown, but even that as long as the environment is designed to serve everyone”. Janna has a Master’s degree in psychology and social sciences. Janna is trained to evaluate accessibility in the built environment (ESKEH method).

Keijo Svart

Child and Youth Special Needs Instructor, Roma Working Group, City of Tampere

Keijo has made a significant career in developing the possibilities of the Roma community in the City of Tampere. He is the chair of TamRoma Association creating opportunities to education and employment.

Mark Steadman

Podcaster. Founder of Origin

Mark Steadman is a digital content producer with a specialism in experience-led product development, and a passion for podcasting. He helps creative, purposeful people use their voice to create impact, and as a visually-impaired creator, has first-hand knowledge of the ways in which organisations are missing out on opportunities for inclusion.

Dahlan Abdul Ghani

Associate Professor at Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)

Associate Professor Dr Dahlan Abdul Ghani is the Head of Section for Animation at Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) Malaysian Institute Of Information Technology (MIIT) City Campus. With 20 years experience in teaching Multimedia & Animation subjects, Dr Dahlan has been involved in many research and innovation fields such as Multimedia, Game Design, Immersive Application (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Comic & Animation Studies, Short Film (Videography), Creative Advertising and many more.

Marko Vuoriheimo

Entrepreneur. Artist

Marko Vuoriheimo aka Signmark made his impossible dream come true and is the world’s first deaf artist to record for an international record label. Signmark believed in his dream and took a risk, left his job as ateacher and founded Signmark Productions in 2009. In 2016, Signmark Productions created a mobile application with IT service company CGI that connects sign language and sign language interpreters worldwide

Andrew Dubber

Author. Director of MTF Labs

Andrew Dubber is the director of MTF Labs, a Steering Board Member of the Industry Commons Foundation and is an author, broadcaster and Humanities Professor of Music Industry Innovation. Dubber is a Media Ecologist, sociologist and cultural theorist, focusing particularly on both technological and social innovation. As an early adopter of new media platforms, Dubber has been blogging since 2002 and podcasting since 2004. He established pan-European digital music strategy think tank and consultancy New Music Strategies in 2006 and is an advisor to digital music service Bandcamp.

Kirsi Mustalahti

Founder of ACCAC

Kirsi Mustalahti is a Master of Art in Theatre, Culture and Event Producer and a Senior Manager. Her interest and expertise in accessibility, diversity and services for all started 2006 as a pioneer in Finland in the field of art and culture. Since establishing ACCAC Finland and ACCAC Global she has run various international projects, tours and festivals. She is a connector who wants to make a better world for all and believes in the power of culture and art in change for better understanding and communication.

Sasu Paakkunainen

Entrepreneur. Co-founder of ACCAC Global

Sasu Paakkunainen is a graduating Master of Cultural Management with global experience and a startup spirit. 2016 Paakkunainen co-founded the music vertical of the world’s leading startup event Slush. Currently, as a co-founder of ACCAC Global, Paakkunainen is working on tools to develop equality work.


All times are in Eastern European Summer Time UTC+3


Opening Words

Sasu Paakkunainen


Organisers Words

Kirsi Mustalahti


Case presentation: Finlayson Art Area

Since 2015 Finlayson Art Area has been transforming a historical cotton mill, Finlayson, area in Tampere into an accessible arena for art and positive encounters.

Pertti Ketonen


Panel discussion: Beautiful Inclusive Physical Reality

Combining sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion in the built environment developed with a large participation and deep involvement of citizens and all stakeholders. Renovating walls or coming out from within?

Andrew Dubber, moderator

Michela Magas

Sanna Lehtinen

Janna Maula

Keijo Svart




Performance: DJ Arthro

Producer, Innovator and performer Tim Palm aka DJ Arthro controls his ’Space Ship’ – an impressive array of equipment consisting of not only synths, tablets, fx modules and drum machines, but also stage lighting and visuals rig.


Panel discussion: Beautiful Inclusive Digital Reality

More and more services are moving to a digital space but can everyone follow? Digital accessibility is one of the leading challenges in digital design and new technology. Building on top of the digital world or innovating new ways to deliver beautiful digital content?

Andrew Dubber, moderator

Sari Stenfors

Mark Steadman

Dahlan Abdul Ghani

Marko Vuoriheimo


Call for Interest: European Toolkit for Inclusive Digital Design

ACCAC calls for partners, designers, disability organisations and regulators to join in co-creation and re-thinking the transferability of information in the digital environment.


Short Film: Home

A short film based on a true story of a dance artist Samwel Japhet 

“I ran away from home between the ages of six and eight years old. I lived as a street kid in different parts of Tanzania for over 10 years. When I moved to the city (Dar es Salaam) I didn’t have a place to stay. I joined different gang groups specializing in snatching and stealing vehicle parts for a living. I would have been dead by now but Art saved me and gave me a new life and I have found a new home in dance.”


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