ACCESS Tampere Next Generation Culture Festival will be held in April 2023 in Tampere, Finland. The festival promotes equality and diversity especially among children and youngsters, through art and culture.

The festival is suitable for everyone. The programme contains art, culture, entertainment and a professional seminar. ACCESS Tampere offers an amazing international culture programme, created by both professional and amateur artists – whatever our steering group of youngsters decides!

Children and youngsters play an important role in the festival’s production, working together with the ACCAC Finland’s production team.

The Festival is also part of three ongoing international projects: Game On, Open Minds and Contact.

ACCESS Tampere Next Generation Culture Festival will be organised according to the international ACCAC-concept. The fast growing international ACCAC network promotes equality, accessibility and diversity through arts and culture. In 2022 the network involves 14 countries (Finland, South-Korea, Egypt, Nepal, Morocco, Algeria, Japan, Croatia, Tanzania, Cameroon, Belgium, Greece, France and Zambia).