POLITISTIKO PARKO is a not for profit organization specializing in the organization and implementation of experiential programs for schools and teenagers. In this regard, it disposes of a thematic park of 25.000 square meters which hosts school and family visits and organizes different cultural programs in its space including various theatrical performances for the whole family. POLITISTIKO PARKO is a green space of 25.000 square meters, a breath away from Athens. Inside the park one can find a Museum of Greek Folklore, Vineyards and Rare Winemaking Units, Olive Groves and Traditional Olive Oil Extraction Units, Botanical Gardens and a multitude of exhibits highlighting Grain and Bread Production. An experienced team of Educators – Animators transfer knowledge with a variety of experiential educational programs on the topics: Herbs and Spices, Old Professions, Olives, Bread, Grapes and Old Children’s Toys. The programs take place on the grounds of the Park, as well as on the grounds of those schools that have difficulty moving. At the same time, the actions of the PARK also embrace a wider public who are welcome every weekend to visit the site and take part in parallel activities, apart from its main programs. POLITISTIKO PARKO has significant experience in implementing transnational cultural projects, as it is involved in a network of partners implementing theatrical and cinematographic co-productions holding collaborations with various cultural institutions (henschel SCHAUSPIEL, Germany/ Book/lab Literary Agency, Poland/ Litag Theaterverlag GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and others)