PASS Promoting Accessible Shows is a two-year Creative Europe project that addresses the lack of equal participation and visibility of disabled and non-disabled artists in live and performing arts.

Partners from four countries – Italy, Finland, Greece and the Czech Republic – are working together to create a European accessible and multidisciplinary pilot show called Celebration of Life. This unique work combines music, theatre, dance and visual arts using technology. New music will be composed for the piece, premiere in Italy on 25 March 2025, before touring partner countries and arriving in Finland in May 2025.

PASS aims to provide performing arts practitioners with the knowledge and skills to create accessible artistic content that engages a wide range of audiences. The project will bring together stakeholders from different backgrounds to engage in meaningful discussions and promote collaboration to improve accessibility standards in the arts. The project will also create open accessibility guidelines based on the experience gained during the project.

PASS aims to increase the recognition and mobility of the arts in Europe and beyond. This will be done by bringing new talent to the stage and challenging stereotypes. At the heart of the project is a commitment to reaching new audiences, creating enriching and accessible experiences, and fostering a sense of belonging and joy.