ACCAC Finland – Accessible Arts and Culture association
Providing accessibility since 2011!

ACCAC Finland is the founding member of the global ACCAC network (Accessible Arts and Culture). In 2022 the network covers 14 countries around the globe.

The Accessible Arts and Culture association was founded in Tampere, Finland in 2011, The principle of Accessible Arts and Culture activities is to provide events, cultural services providers, organisations, theatres and companies with concrete assistance related to improving accessibility and reaching new audiences and participants. The goal of the association is to improve accessibility in the Finnish culture and events field, to promote equal participation in cultural events for all people and to raise awareness, inclusion and diversity.

The association has developed the ACCAC Festival&Congress event concept and organised its international startup forum in 2013, a full ACCAC Festival&Congress at Tampere Hall in 2015, and the ACCAC 2017 WARM UP carnival held at Tampere Hall and Sorsapuisto Park in 2016.

We are part of the fast-growing international ACCAC (Accessible Arts and Culture) network. The network was founded in Tampere, Finland, and is managed by our umbrella organisation ACCAC Global. In 2021, after Nepal, Egypt and Korea, ACCAC returned to Tampere in the form of ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival.

In 2021 ACCAC Finland was accepted as an official partner of the New European Bauhaus initiative, a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences. We are also involved in several Erasmus+ and Creative Europe projects.

Our mission is a world possible for everyone!

And we can do it since we have an accessible mind!