Tampere, Finland 23.-29.8.2021

ACCAC Culture 2.0 will celebrate diversity and innovation in the hometown of ACCAC movement, Tampere, Finland, during the city’s “Year of Equality”.

During the week, we bring together a variety of art, sports, discussions and cultures from the ACCAC Global network and beyond. ACCAC Culture 2.0 offers a platform for artistic groups to showcase their talent and build networks. In addition, it’s a forum to share information about equal participation and services – for everyone.

Art + Technology + Sharing = Empowerment

Monday-Wednesday – Performances & Workshops with local audience
Thursday – International Arrivals, Performances, Club
Friday – Forum, Culture Market, Performances, Club
Saturday – Forum, Culture Market, Performances, Club
Sunday – Sauna, Departures

European Capital of Culture 2026

Tampere and Pirkanmaa area has applied for the European Capital of Culture 2026. Equality has been selected as the leading theme and the city of Tampere has published a number of actions that will promote equality and improve the everyday life of residents. ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival is one of these.

Read more about “Tampere. Equally yours.”

ACCAC Culture 2.0 includes music, dance, theater, a city carneval, a culture market, movies, clubs, an accessible esports world championship tournament and various seminars for proffessionals. The festival brings together arts and culture proffessionals from 25 different countries.